Anxiety As You Get Older – My Experience

Girl in white dress looking at Bristol clifton suspension bridge

I’ve not written a more personal piece in a while and thought it was about time I did! In the past I’ve covered why it’s okay, not to be okay, being forever the single galand missing university, and a thing which I’ve felt more recently is anxiety. Now, I’m not sure if it’s a proven thing that anxiety gets worse as you get older (I mean, I’m only 25!) but from a few people I’ve spoken to it seems a more common thing, so thought I’d go through my experience with anxiety

My Journey

I’ve always been quite confident I guess, I am and always was a chatterbox, as I went to secondary school I feel as though I lost myself a bit, and definitely got quieter in certain situations. I was the same at college, and then I went to university and found myself again (cliché I know!). There has always been a few certain situations I’ve felt anxious, for example, presenting in front of a class or standing in front of a crowd to sing (I used to want to be a singer!). But I guess this was normal as these sorts of things are normal to be nervous for, but I never and still don’t understand why I get such bad fright. Especially when I know what I’m talking about or knew I was a good singer (not to blow my own trumpet ?).

When I was younger I was up for anything, loved theme parks and big rides (except ones which drop you as I hate the feeling of falling!), and as I’ve got older, I’m less keen to go on anything that is out of my comfort zone, at times, even the smallest of rides could make me incredibly anxious. I mean, this is something which is quite common, as they say as you get older you’re more aware of things which could go wrong, and it makes you more conscious. 

Girl in white dress looking at Bristol clifton suspension bridge

Where I’m At Now

As I’ve said, I can be quite confident. It usually wouldn’t bother me going somewhere new to meet new people or travelling somewhere on my own. 

I do get to a point every month where I just feel down and deflated (thanks hormones!), but the past year, my anxiety has most definitely got worse. 

I’m incredibly jealous of those people who can go on holiday or eat on their own. Although the other month I did go and have a Nando’s by myself after a long Saturday at university and felt as though people were staring at me the whole time, which they probably weren’t! I aim is to travel the world on my own at the end of 2020, so feel like I need to work upon my confidence, so I don’t chicken out!

It gets to the point sometimes when I feel very anxious to drive in the small town I live, although I’ve been driving for eight years and have driven the roads plenty of time before. I am under stress a lot of the time, with taking on a bigger role at work combined with doing a master’s degree, I barely get time to breathe at points and think this is most likely why I’m more anxious. I’m not complaining as I love my job and I’m so proud of myself studying a master’s degree too, but at times, I just want to do nothing!

What Can You Do If You Suffer From Anxiety?

Anxiety and depression in Millennials is constantly rising, due to things such as money, relationships and finding a job. It really depends on the severity of your anxiety, mine is minimal, and there are many ways to deal with it. First things first, talk to someone you trust, as you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted! 

Take a deep breath and try some breathing exercises, Mind, the mental health charity list some great tips on their website. The best way I’ve dealt with the feeling of anxiety is by eating a well-balanced diet and exercising, honestly, I feel so much better after exercising! 

There’s a little window into my soul and my experience with anxiety. I most definitely don’t suffer as much as many people, but thought I’d get my thoughts into a blog, just to show that anyone can suffer, no matter how happy they may appear on the outside! 


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