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Hello and welcome to my first ever post – we’ll keep this one short and sweet! I’m Kim, a 23 year old Business Graduate currently working in Marketing. I’ve wanted to start a blog for so many years but life got in the way and I never got around to starting it. After graduating in July, I started thinking about what I wanted to do in the next chapter of my life and I thought – what better time to start a blog than now?!

I spend my summers living in a tent covered in glitter with a cider or gin in hand and if I’m not at a festival – I’m at the gym squatting my body weight wearing my Gymshark gear. I’m obsessed with online shopping, I’ve got premium subscriptions to ASOS & Missguided and take full advance of the next day delivery!

Every day I’m learning something new about myself and at 23 I’m still trying to understand who I am – so the name The Adventure To Me was born! Here’s to learning more about myself and having a lot of fun in the process ✨🍹

Kim xo







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A true wanderluster at ♥︎ I spend my days working in digital marketing, studying a masters in marketing during the evenings and a travel/lifestyle blogger at the weekends! Obsessed with gin, cheesecake and travelling! In the summer you'll find me in at a festival covered in glitter and in the winter in the gym working on my summer bod ✨

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