The Treat Yo’ Self-Mentality

Treat yourself. A phrase I most certainly use on a daily basis. I am one of those people who will treat themselves at any given opportunity. Hard day at work? Do an ASOS order. Got up early to go to the gym? Have a cheeky takeaway. Got through the week without having a breakdown? Book a weekend away. I don’t think I go a week without either treating myself or telling someone else to treat themselves.

The main reason I moved back home after graduating was to save money. I didn’t save any money whilst I was at uni and working full time, and I do wonder where all my money went. But then I think back to the McDonald’s trips, numerous clothing deliveries a week and the large number of cocktails I used to drink on spontaneous nights out, I remember where my money went!

My family, friends, work colleagues, even the next-door neighbours know I’m crap at saving. I’m in two minds; do I not book any holidays or festivals, not take full advantage of my unlimited next day delivery with ASOS and live a boring (well kind of boring) life but have a good pot of savings? Or do I book a summer full of festivals, have a handful of deliveries a week and live like tomorrow is my last, but no savings to fall back on?

It might sound morbid but what if tomorrow is my last day and all I have is a bank full of savings and no good memories? I’ve been laying off spending recently, mainly due to not working full-time for three months and now I’ve got a full-time job I have the urge to treat myself when I get my first pay day. When in fact I should be putting money back again, but I’ve already spent a large chunk of it before I’ve even received it.

Most people know that I like to treat myself but apart from having an ever-expanding wardrobe, I’ve been to a lot of festivals, gone on amazing holidays and city breaks and have some of the best memories. Because you don’t remember the nights you went to bed early or stayed in bed til midday, but you remember those days and nights you spent a bit too much money, laughed a bit too much and probably made a few regrets too.

Should I stop treating myself?

Is it just my family who make me feel a little bit guilty for buying new clothes, visiting friends of a weekend or booking a holiday? I know that I shouldn’t be buying new clothes because my wardrobe is already bursting at the seams, but we all know that regret when you can’t get a certain item of clothing out of your head but then realise you’ve missed the boat and it’s too late.

I’m trying very hard to save at the moment so I can go and travel the world in a few years’ time whilst also have money saved for buying a house when I’m back, but I also get major FOMO when scrolling through Instagram and seeing friends on holiday. Social media definitely makes my FOMO even worse; I want to buy all of the clothes the influencers are wearing and book trips to: Mykonos, Ibiza, Bali, Vietnam, Barcelona, Iceland.. the list goes on! I’m also very easily swayed too, which does not help the situation.

I recently got offered a job I’ve been looking for since the beginning of the year. I was heading up to Bristol for the weekend to visit friends and I’d already decided before, on my drive home I was going to pop into Cribbs Causeway to treat myself. A few items of make up later and £100 down, I well untruly did treat myself.

Birmingham Canal

Will I ever stop treating myself?

I’d like to think one day I’ll get bored of shopping and not have the urge to spend all my wages as soon as I get them, but I do not see that day coming any time soon. I do wish I’d put money back every month since I started earning rather than just in the last year, because I could be half way to buying a house by now and not just starting out.

A wardrobe full of clothes I love alongside the most amazing memories at festivals, holidays and nights out don’t make me regret treating myself. I am one of those people who says yes to all plans, I like being busy all of the time and if I didn’t have anything planned, I’d feel a little bit sad. As I’m getting older and to that age where everyone is settling down; time is precious and planning time away with friends when you can has to be done, else you wouldn’t end up seeing each other half the time.


A word we all know and love; compromise. In case of a rainy day or a huge bill if something goes wrong with your car, whether we like it or not, savings are needed. After moving home after graduating last year and not working for two months with no savings, I struggled, to say the least. As soon as I got a full-time job, I was putting money back each month and trying to cut back on spending. After finishing my contract with my graduate role, again I was stuck doing temp work for three months until I found my ideal full-time role, however I did not struggle as much I did before and lived off my temp wages, not dipping into my savings but having a massive sigh of relief knowing that I had a good pot of savings to fall back on if needed.

Everyone who knows me, knows I will not stop shopping, or planning mini breaks. However, I am trying to cut back. I’m compromising for myself. I’m still going to do the odd ASOS shop, enjoy one too many cocktails on a rare night out, have a holiday and still enjoy a few festivals, however try to cut back on unnecessary spending. Do I really need a new dress for a night out when I rarely go out nowadays, orcould I recycle something I’ve worn once or twice before?

I feel as though I am pushing my travelling plans back further because it is taking me a little longer to save than I was planning on it doing so. At the same time, I’m not missing out on going away with friends or going out for a cheeky curry at Spoons on Thursdays. It might take me a little longer to save than others without the treat yo’self mentality, but that is just me and I’m sure many of you relate. I’m still young (even though at 24 I feel very, veryold) and I have so many years left to do all the things I want to do.

So, here’s to putting something into my savings every month, still getting excited for a monthly ASOS delivery, counting down the days to the next festival and browsing bikinis online for the next mini holiday. One step at a time and I’ll get there.