Friendsfest Review

Starting back in 1994 (the year I was born!) Friends fast became one of the most iconic and most loved shows. With 236 episodes spanning 10 years, it is likely at some point in your life that you’ve watched an episode (even if you don’t like the show!). I have really fond memories of Friends, with my sisters (who are eight and ten years older than me) watching on Saturday mornings on T4, and therefore, have grown up loving the show too! 

Then Friendsfest was born! It’s basically a yearly celebration of all things Friends. From set tours to creating iconic scenes, Friends themed food and even a quiz, there is so much to see and do. Thinking about going? Let my Friendsfest review be there for you…! Prepare for lots of pics ?

What Is There?

The largest and most iconic part is the set tour, when purchasing tickets you select a time for the set tour, where you’ll get a half an hour tour around the apartments. You can sit in the iconic window of Monica’s apartment, play Foosball in Joey & Chandler’s place and even get up close with Ross’ dinosaurs in his abode! 

Monica's apartment at Friendsfest Bristol

Outside of the set tour, there are a number of other scenes you can get involved with! Ever dreamed of recreating the iconic title? You’re in luck, you can do just that! 

Friendsfest iconic sofa scene

Grab a coffee in Central Perk, jump on stage and play smelly cat, or simply just sit on the orange sofa and enjoy a good old cuppa coffee! 

Friendsfest Central Perk

One of my favourite scenes is the pivot scene, Ross has some classic episodes and this is one of my favourites!

Friendsfest Pivot scene

Another one of my favourite scenes is one of the thanksgiving episodes when they all poke their heads through because they’re late to Monica’s. Joey pokes his head through with the Turkey on his head and gets stuck ?

Friendsfest review - thanksgiving floating heads scene

Dress up as brides for two iconic scenes, the Vegas scene and the one where they all get drunk and burn pictures of their exes!

Friendsfest review Bristol

Last but by no means least, is the stage, where scenes from the show are played and even a quiz!

Friendsfest review in Bristol

What Food Is There?

Food is one of my favourite things, and Friendsfest didn’t let me down! With large slices of pizza for Joey, veggie treats for Phoebe, cheesecakes, and bagels, you feel like you’ve walked into NYC! There is also a bar, so you can grab a cocktail or pint and sit down to play the quiz!

Friendsfest Joey Special Pizza

Would I Recommend?

I attended in both 2017 and 2019, it’s a lot of fun and if you’re a massive fan, like me, then I would thoroughly recommend! The first time I went it was held in Cardiff and then the second time in Bristol. They had expanded on what they had available within the two years, but I’m not sure I’d go again, because I’ve experienced it twice already! However, if you haven’t gone then I’d recommend getting tickets for the next dates!

If you’re a fan of Friends, I would recommend grabbing some tickets for next summer! With locations situated around the UK, you’ll never be far from one. Hopefully, my Friendsfest review has given you an insight into what to expect, and I’m sure by next year, they’ll have even more to do!

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Friendsfest review


  1. Emma Pooley
    3rd March 2020 / 11:20 am

    Hi, how much would you say you spent on the day? Do you have to pay for the photos taken? How much were your tickets? Was it worth it? Thanks x

    • 4th March 2020 / 5:10 pm

      Hi Emma! I didn’t spend a lot on the day, maybe about £10? This all depends on what you’d like to buy, the pizza slice I had was around £5, but there’s the option to buy merchandise etc too. You don’t have to pay to have your photos taken, you’ll find everyone won’t mind taking them for you as you’ll likely return the favour! Tickets were around £30-35, and yes I think it’s worth it, especially if you love friends! 🙂 x

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