Shreddy Review

After being stuck in a rut for a very long time, I decided to give Shreddy, Grace Beverley’s app a go. I can’t even keep track of all the workout guides I’d tried and not seen much of a result with, but I thought I’d give Shreddy a go as I’d heard such good things. 

You can read about my fitness journey here to learn more about what I’ve done previously. I started my first Shreddy plan, home fat loss on the 23rd March 2020, the first day of lockdown in the UK. So, here’s my Shreddy review

Shreddy 8 month results of girl in bikini
Same bikini but the first picture was taken in February and the second in November! 

Home Fat Loss

Firstly, I enrolled on the home fat loss plan. I’d been stuck in a rut for so long and couldn’t seem to shift past the same number on the scales. I am aware that the number on the scales is not the be-all and end-all, but for me, it was still an indicator, especially as I couldn’t really notice a difference in progress pictures. 

What’s The Structure Like?

The home fat loss plan was 12 weeks long, and I choose to do five workouts a week. These are split two full-body HIIT sessions (around 10-12 minutes long), upper body, legs & bum and arms & abs sessions, which were about 26 minutes long, making them super easy to fit into my routine. Equipment isn’t a necessity (although it does help), I also had the B_ND resistance bands, which are suggested to be used quite a lot in workouts.

I started during the lockdown, so for me, time was no longer an issue due to being at home 24/7. 

Couch To 10K

In addition to doing the home fat loss plan, I started running at the beginning of April. Before this, I was unable to run for a minute and for years I’d tried to run, but never stuck to it. You can read about how running has changed my life here, but wanted to make you aware that alongside the Shreddy workouts I was also running, around 3-4 times a week doing the C210K.

Home Fat Loss Results

My 12 weeks were up in June, and I saw some incredible results! Doing the home fat loss guide, I lost inches off my body, mainly seeing a massive difference in my torso and waist. I’ve always had chunky thighs, but they did start to slim down. 

Shreddy results over three months

Home Tone Up

After completing the 12 weeks of home fat loss, I was keen to get stuck into the 12 week home tone up plan, which I started on the 15th June. I’d started to back into the office at this point but still kept to five workouts a week. 

What’s The Structure Like?

The workouts are split into; two strength rounds (these are around 10-12 minutes long), a full-body, legs & bum and arms & abs days (which are approximately 26 minutes long). 

I did these before work, so around 6 AM every weekday morning. As the length of the workouts is still less than 30 minutes, which is super easy to fit in the morning and get me ready for the day ahead. 

Again, at the end of the 12 weeks, I continued to see incredible results, and this was without even going to the gym! I ensured that I hit 10K steps a day and still did a few runs a week.

Home Tone Up Results 

I continued to see results; the below image was taken on the 4th September, just as I had finished the home tone up guide. I’d lost more inches, with my waist down to 27 inches and my thighs down to 23 inches. 

Shreddy app review results

Gym Tone Up

Once the gyms opened again, I couldn’t wait to get back! I started the gym tone up three days a week, there was an option for five days a week but as I was working full-time and doing a master’s degree, making time for the gym five days a week was a little bit too much, on the other two days at home I was completing the real-time workouts so that I was still working out five days a week. 

I did this for about four weeks before I pulled a muscle in my back and had to take three months off from lifting weights due to inflammation. Before this, I was thoroughly enjoying the gym workouts; they took me around 40 to 60 minutes to complete.

Girl in Gymshark clothes and pink nike trainers in gym

Shreddy 20 + Shreddy 10

In July 2020, Shreddy brought out two new plans, Shreddy 10 and Shreddy 20. After I hurt my back but still wanted to keep active and just before lockdown 2.0, I decided to start Shreddy 20, which lasts four weeks. Basically, the workouts are 20 minutes long (hence the name!) and consisted of HIIT as well as body-specific days. Again, I opted for five days as I was at home and fitting in-home workouts is a lot easier than fitting in gym workouts. 

After more issues with my back, I had to take more time off exercising, but now my back is starting to heal, I’ve restarted the Shreddy 20 guide. It’s not my favourite guide, but it’s good nonetheless. 

My Results November 2020

As of writing this blog I have been a Shreddy member for eight months, I’ve gone from being 12 stone 3lb in March to 11 stone 3lb in November which blows my mind as I was really stuck at the same weight for so long. Since my last progress pictures, I’d lost another half an inch from both my thighs and my waist and am pretty proud of what this app has helped me achieve.

Shreddy review results

Is Shreddy Suitable For Beginners?

Shreddy is said to cater for whether you’re a pro or a total beginner. I’ve been going to the gym for years, meaning I’d already done all of these exercises beforehand, but I can say that it is very suitable for beginners!

You can intensify your workouts by adding more reps into each set or simply take it easy until you master the moves. Therefore, it is suitable for any ability. 

Would I Recommend The Shreddy App?

110%! I am so pleased with my results, and the fact you can add extra workouts too or swap some exercises if you didn’t have the required equipment is a bonus. I have recommended to friends, some who have also loved Shreddy, and some which didn’t really get along with the plan. However, one plan isn’t going to be right for all, but thankfully Shreddy has worked wonders for me! 

I’ve seen incredible results from doing Shreddy, losing a stone in 8 months has really changed my life. Also, the fact that most of this has been down to working out at home means anyone can achieve it too! There is also the addition of the Shreddy community; there are so many others doing Shreddy too, there’s a dedicated section on the app to speak to others as well as massive Shreddy community on Instagram too.

As you can see from my results, I’ve seen some incredible progress (even if I do say that myself!), I’ve fallen in love with working out again, and Shreddy has supported me in doing so. So yes, I really would recommend downloading the Shreddy app and getting yourself a subscription, you can literally pay £9.99, which is an amazing price for everything the app does! 

And there we have it, my Shreddy review! Not one workout plan will work for everyone, but the Shreddy app has worked for me, and it’s also helped many others too. I wanted to put my review together to show others you can achieve results from working at home with minimal equipment too as I was massive gym bunny I wasn’t sure I could make so much progress just from working out in my kitchen for months. 


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