Glastonbury First Timer Tips

I’ve been lucky to attend Glastonbury festival four times, so I would like to think I’m a semi seasoned pro by now! With the festival just creeping up again, I thought I would put together my Glastonbury first timer tips, to make your first festival slightly easier.

Glastonbury flags at sunset

Research Where You Want to Camp

Depending on the festival vibe you’re seeking, will determine where you want to camp. If you’re heading to the festival with friends who’ve not been before, it’s hard to decide where to camp.

Three out of four times at Glastonbury, I’ve camped in Bushy Ground – which is near gate D. Bushy Ground had compost toilets in the field, which are far better than the other loos onsite!

However, if you’re planning on spending every evening at the South East corner, think strategically about where you camp – do you really want to be walking over an hour to get back to your tent by camping over the opposite side?

Glastonbury festival sign

Park Near Where You Want to Camp

Leading on from researching where to camp, once you’ve decided which campsite you’re aiming for, plan your route to the festival. Depending whether you’re coming from South or North will determine which way you’ll come in and which car park you get to first. So, look for the closest car park and plan your route from there!

Plan Who You Want to See

Glastonbury site is massive! From one side to the other it could take an hour to walk, so if you want to see two artists back to back that are opposite sides of the site, it’s likely not doable (unless you leave early or miss some of the next set). The Glastonbury app is fantastic for planning who you want to see and will send push notifications when they’re due on and if there are any changes.

Glastonbury festival pyramid stage in the sun

Carry Your Stuff in Two Loads

Unlike many camping festivals, at Glasto you’re able to come in and out as you please (just be sure to keep your paper ticket and wristband on you at all times!). The first year I went, I carried everything in one trip, which was not fun – especially as it was very warm!

As mentioned the site is massive, so trying to carry all your stuff, with stop starting in the queues is a bit of a challenge (which is totally worth it!) but think about what you pack as the walk to camp could be a long one.

My recommendation would be to split your stuff into two loads; first the tent, camp chair, clothes and most definitely a beveragino – there’s nothing like setting up the tent and sitting down in your camping chair with a still cold cider to celebrate making it to Glastonbury before trekking back to the car to get the rest of your stuff.

Glastonbury festival site with flags

Camp Near Compost Toilets

You can smell the long drops from a mile away, so imagine sleeping next to one of them! The first year I went, the long drops were the closest loos to us but then discovered the various compost loos on site.

After the first year, we camped near the compost toilets and it’s honestly been a game changer! They’re cleaner (just!) and rather than the long drops which have a very small door (meaning you can see everyone feet and if you’re tall enough, can also see over), the compost loos offer a little bit more privacy – I’ve even changed in them rather than struggle in the tent.

Glastonbury festival fireworks

Bring Food & Drink

One of the other beauties of Glastonbury is that you are able to bring your own food and drink onto site, which can really save you money. I always take a backpack out with me filled with drinks for the day, but of course to buy cold drinks around the site too!

Explore More Than Just The Music

Although music is the initial main attraction, Glastonbury has so much to offer! There are comedy acts, theatre, dance classes, craft workshops and plenty, plenty more, so be sure to explore the grounds and discover as much as you can. My top tip would be to use the Wednesday and Thursday to explore the site, as these days are more quieter music wise.

My top two experiences: a salsa class and jewellery making!

Handmade silver ring made at Glastonbury festival

What Should You Pack?

Just like any festival, there are the generics you should bring. I wouldn’t say Glastonbury is any different UK festival wise with what to pack. The festival does go on for five days, so perhaps something comfy to sleep on – like a blow up mattress, if you’re a festival goer who usually uses just a rollmat. For shorter festivals, I don’t tend to pack as much but for a five night festival I do add a little more comfort.

Those are just a few of my Glastonbury first-timer tips, the key thing is to enjoy the festival – it is honestly the best festival I have been to and there really is something for everyone!