How Running Has Changed My Life

Honestly, I never thought I’d be saying that running has changed my life! It’s always been on my bucket list to run a marathon (optimistic I know!), and over the last few years, I’ve always said I wanted to be able to run 10K, but I never seemed to be able to stick to it. 

I’d tried to run for probably around 10 years but would give up as I just wasn’t progressing, but during lockdown, I was nominated to do the 5K challenge; run 5K, donate £5 and nominate 5 and this is where my life changed! 

I thought I’d write a blog about how running has changed my life and to share my story about how I fell in love with running! 

How running has changed my life | girl at Instow beach, devon wearing running clothes

Where Did I Start?

The 5K challenge was a struggle; I had to walk every minute or so because I kept getting out of breath. That’s always been my issue, breathing, which meant I needed to stop to catch my breath back before continuing running. 

I’d tried and failed multiple times to do Couch to 5K, giving up after a few weeks but being nominated was the kick up the butt I needed to give it another go. I started during lockdown so didn’t really have an excuse not to get out and run a few times a week as there wasn’t much else to do! 

Couch To 10K

I downloaded C210K by Zenlabs on my phone, you’re meant to do three runs a week, and they gradually get harder. To start, I was running four times a week as I simply had more time to get out. It was hard, but this time around, I didn’t give up! 

The plan takes 13 weeks to complete, as the runs get longer as you progress. I am happy to say that I’ve now completed the plan and am running on average two 10K’s a week, which never in a million years thought I would say.

Smiling after running a 10K

Why Has It Changed My Life?

I’ve always struggled with losing weight, which you can read about in my fitness journey blog here. I hit a plateau and had been stuck at the same weight for a while, until I started running. 

As well as running I was (and still am) doing Shreddy five times a week, which focuses on using weights and more on toning up. As soon as I started adding running into my routine, I noticed the weight was dropping off, and I managed to push past the weight I’d been stuck at for a long time. In three months I have managed to lose 10lbs, which for me is a massive achievement and still now I am losing weight, more slowly but I don’t mind as I know that it’s maintainable. 

I believe it’s running which has helped transform my body to what it is now. I’ve always hated cardio but have simply now, fallen in love with running!

In addition, obviously, we’ve been living through a global pandemic which has had a massive effect on peoples mental health. Being outside has my benefits, helping to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as exercise releases endorphins, both paired have enabled me to stay feeling as good as possible during this very weird time. 

Tarka Trail in North Devon
Views like this make running a lot easier!

Where Am I At Now?

I try to beat my running times when I can; I managed to do 10K in under 60 minutes which I was so happy about. I have days where my runs are really good but then also days when I really struggle, which is totally normal!

I am trying to stick to running two days a week outside, which I much prefer than running on a treadmill. I’d like to work towards the next step of running half a marathon (which is 21K!), but for now, I am just happy I can run!

I hope I’ve inspired you to try running. I’ve had a few friends who’ve started running after hearing about me bang on about it for four months! I’m no way the fastest runner, but sticking on a good podcast or playlist on Spotify allows me to escape from life and has really helped keep me sane during lockdown! 

I’ve started a new Instagram, dedicated to just my fitness, so that I can keep my main account all about travel! You can follow me here!

From my experience, I’ve learnt a lot about running for beginners, so I will be putting together a blog about my tips for first-time runners, so keep an eye on my fitness & food category! 

If you’ve taken up running, I’d love to hear your story! 


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