25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Today marks my 25thbirthday ??and if you know me, you’ll know I absolutely LOVE my birthday. I reckon even when I’m 80, I’ll still be counting down til my birthday and talking about it from the 1stMarch! Last year I did twenty-three things I learnt in twenty-three years (probably should have been twenty-four things I’d learnt now thinking about it!) and wanted to do another numbers blog to mark my 25thbirthday. So, here are 25 things you may not have known about me! 

25 things you didn't know about me on my 25th birthday

1. I auditioned for Skins

I was obsessed with Skins back in the day, they held auditions in Bristol back when I just started college, I want to say I went to the auditions in 2010 maybe?!

2. I auditioned for X Factor in 2010

I LOVED singing and still do, I auditioned for X Factor nine years ago, queued for 10 hours to get a no…!

3. I used to sing on YouTube

Leading on from X Factor, I also had a YouTube channel for singing, I’ve not uploaded for eight years, but the videos are all still there!

4. I lost three stone back when I was 17

I’ve always struggled with my weight, I was always the bigger one in school but when I was 17 I lost three stone, unfortunately, I’ve put on quite a lot when I was at uni, but life got it in the way and I had a lot of fun. You can have a little nosy at my fitness journey here!

5. I’ve kissed Olly Murs

By kiss I mean he gave me a kiss on the cheek at the X Factor Live tours back in 2010, I won backstage tickets and got to meet them all, including Jedward and Stacey Solomon!

6. I’m terrified of seagulls

I absolutely hate seagulls and living in Devon is the worst place for them. It all stems from one swooping over to me at a train station and stealing my sandwich from my bag. From there I read how can kill dogs and how one seagull swooped into someone’s car, stole the pasty from their mouth and knocked their tooth out!! So you can sort of tell why I’m so scared now!

7. I once thought the Isle of Wight was in Ireland

This cracks me up every time it pops up on my Timehop. I worked at the Isle of Wight festival in my second year at university and there’s a screenshot of a message I sent to my best friend saying OMG Isle of Wight wasn’t in Ireland, and to this day we still talk about it! And people are worried about me going travelling on my own…! 

8. I’m obsessed with GIFs

I mean, if you’re my friend and reading this, you’ll already know I love a GIF! GIF’s make everything better and can be used in any situation.

Wiggle Gif
My favourite GIF!

9. I have a shopping addiction

Again, if you’re my friend, family member, work colleague, neighbour, delivery man, you’ll already know this! I honestly love shopping and life is made so much better when you know you’ve got a parcel waiting for you at home!

10. Spicy food is not for me

I HATE spicy food, I cannot stomach spicy food as I feel like my mouth is on fire. You’ll find me at Nandos with the mango & lime or lemon & herb!

11. I have six tattoos and six piercings

Ever since before I was 18 I’d always wanted tattoos and now I have six of them; on my foot, on my ribs, on my spice, on my sternum, on my wrist, and on my forearm. I also have six piercings, this used to be more but I’ve taken a few out since!

12. I studied Acting at college

People who met me after college are probably like what ?I don’t do any acting now and I think I was quite rubbish at it, but as I sang, I thought I could go into musical theatre, but definitely not what I want to do now!

13. I’m studying a Masters degree in Marketing

Some may know this, some may not! I was never sure I wanted to go to university, let alone do a Masters! But I finally know what I want to do and as I struggled to get a job after graduating, I wanted to further my skills even more and a Masters was the perfect opportunity. 

14. I’m a massive dance music fan

When people first meet me they’re like, really you like dance music?! And yes I do! I think I started liking this kind of music when I started getting proper into fitness and going to the gym as the fast beats got me into doing cardio and I’ve just not stopped listening to it! I’ve been to Creamfields three times and people are also shocked at that!

15. I’m obsessed with crisps & dip

Name a better duo than crisps and dip! Honestly, any kind of crisp and sour cream & chive dip is legit my favourite meal ?

16. Music has been a massive part of my life

From singing from a young age through to going to festivals, music has actually been my saviour at points, always getting me through when I’m having a shit day.

17. I’ve had every colour of hair under the sun

I’ve been blonde, I’ve been red, I’ve been black, I’ve been ginger, I’ve been brunette! I was always dying my hair in school and during my late teens, I rarely do anything to my hair now. I’ve had the ombre style for the past five years and like having the best of both worlds. 

18. I hate presenting and lack confidence

As a previous performer and what with me being a very talkative person, I think people are shocked that I lack confidence and cannot stand presenting and standing up in front of people.

19. I love food

I mean who doesn’t love food?! My whole days revolve around food and I would class myself as a massive foodie! I talk about food A LOT ?

20. I have carbonara every Monday and steak on Wednesdays

I plan all of my meals at the end of the week for the next week, I also go to the gym on the same days each week. I always go to the gym after work on a Monday evening, and as I don’t get back til around 8 PM, I always rustle up a carbonara, you can check out my recipe here. Wednesdays are my rest days and on these days I eat less carbs, so I always have steak with some cheesy mushrooms!

21. I’m a massive planner

I don’t know how people can just make last minute plans, honestly, I’m one of the most organised people. Not only do I plan my meals at the end of the week, meal prep on Sundays but I plan my weekends months in advance, I like having organisation!

22. I have a Fiat 500

And before anyone says anything, I actually paid for it myself! There’s such a stereotype around girls who have Fiat 500’s, but I wanted to have a car I was proud of and now I have it. FYI it’s baby blue and he’s called Louis ?

23. I visit Primark at least once a week

Any other fellow Primark fans out there?! I’m obsessed with Primark and visit my local Primark at least once a week. Luckily my best friends are also massive Primark fans and we’re even planning a trip to the biggest Primark in the world, it’s in Birmingham and opens in April!

24. I only wash my hair once a week

Another one some people can’t believe, when I say I only wash my hair once a week they think I mean shower. I actually shower twice a day and don a nice shower cap! My hair is really thick and takes so long to dry, I also hate using a hairdryer so like it to dry naturally. I’ve now trained my hair so that I only need to wash it once a week and it won’t look dirty or greasy at all!

25. I’m obsessed with my birthday

I did mention this at the beginning, but I thought I’d end on the point too! I do monthly, weekly and daily countdowns, I’m definitely not as bad as I used to be but I like to think the whole day is about me! 

Hopefully, you now know a little more about me! I’ve had an amazing year, focusing on myself! Here’s to another great year being 25 and to a quarter of a century being alive! ?


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