What Should I Have Done By 25?

With my mid-twenties on the horizon, I’ve been thinking about what I thought I would have achieved by my mid-twenties ten years ago. 25 sort of feels like a milestone as you’re no longer early twenties and you’ve officially hit the mid-twenties, fifteen-year-old Kim thought she would have achieved a lot more by now. So here is what I thought I would have achieved by 25!

Have Savings

I’ve always been rubbish at saving, having the treat yourself mentality. I like to live life in the moment so to speak and always thought why would I want to have money in a pot for a rainy day when I could spend it all now. Fortunately, I’m currently having my cake and eating it, I’m putting money into my savings each month as well as not limiting myself to travelling the world or buying new clothes. 

Have A House

I thought by my mid-twenties I would have my own house, I’m currently living at home with my parents (whilst I save to go travelling). I did live away on my own at uni for four years and never thought I’d go back to living with parents but here I am! I wrote previously about my worries as to if I’ll ever be able to afford a house as a single gal, I’m in no rush to buy a house right this second, but ten years ago I thought I would be on the property ladder by now.

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Married With Kids

Honestly, ten years ago I thought I would be married by now, I’m currently single, so am VERY far behind with this one! I’ve always had this timeline in my head, that I’d be married by 25 so that I could have kids by 30, I mean, things most definitely do not work out the way we plan them but I thought by this age I would at least be in a relationship. It’s not something I’m hard on myself about, the last few years I’ve been focusing on myself and wouldn’t want to just be with someone for the sake of it anyway. 

I like kids, I have two nieces and when I look after them, I always think I am so not ready for having my own and having to look after children 24/7. I’ve got a lot I want to do before I settle down with children and commit at least 18 years of my life raising them! 

Finish Education

I love learning, I want to continuously expand on my skills and knowledge, but by 25 I thought I’d be done with writing assignments and sitting exams. And here I am currently a ¼ of my way through my Master’s degree which I won’t complete until mid-2020!

Times have changed and what our parents and grandparents thought we would have achieved by now has changed. I want to do all of the things above; buying a house, getting married and having kids, but again, I want to be selfish first. As a travel blogger, travelling is a massive thing for me, I want to explore the whole world without any commitments first! 

What did you think you would or will achieve by 25? Let me know! ?


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