Tips For Freshening Up At A Festival

Girl at festival with glitter on her face and space buns

There is nothing like being at a festival, being surrounded by friends, covered in glitter and drinking a lot of cider! The worst thing about being at a festival is the no shower situation, sleeping in a tent is not the best sleep you’ll ever get; therefore, you’ll wake up feeling not fresh! You can pay extra for showers at some festivals and others you’ll have a long queue. Personally, I’ve never showered at a festival, everyone else is in the same situation! I do however always freshen up and after my years of attending festivals, I’ve picked up some handy tips! So, look no further than my festival freshening up tips!

Take A Bucket, Flannel & Towel

Firstly, if you can’t have a shower, bring the shower to you! Well, almost! You can get showers in a bag, but they do seem like an effort, so my suggestion is to bring a bucket! Campsites will have free water points within them, so you won’t be too far, there are usually queues but that beats a queue waiting for a shower. Fill it up with water every day, splash your face, dip your flannel in and freshen up! The bucket of cold water can also double up as a somewhere to pop your warm cans in to make them slightly cooler!

Pack Face Wash

At a festival, your face will be covered in makeup, glitter, sweat, and dirt. The perfect way to ensure your face is as clean as possible is by using a face wash. Before the last festival I attended I found the pouches of products that Simple do, as they’re pouches they take up less room! The ingredients Simple use are kind to your skin too and it’s the usual face wash I get, so win-win! I went for the Moisturising Facial Wash (which is 50ml). 

festival freshening up products

Wet Wipes Are A Must

This is a pretty obvious point, the majority of people who head to a festival will have packed wet wipes. They’re handy for wiping under your armpits, clearing your hands of makeup, getting mud off your legs, cleaning your hands and the list goes on! If you’re in need of a quick freshen up, wet wipes are my go-to. 

Keep Up Your Skincare Routine

I’ve had a regular skincare routine for years, I cleanse, tone and moisturiser twice a day, and I always keep this up at a festival. I’ve got travel-sized versions and honestly, your face will feel clean (from all the make-up and glitter!). What with eating a lot of junk food and drinking a lot of alcoholic drinks, my skin breaks out terribly after festivals as I’m used to eating pretty healthy and rarely drinking. By keeping my skincare routine up, I like to think I get a head start on looking after my skin. 

Use A Sheet Mask

You may laugh, but have you ever worn a sheet mask and feel instantly refreshed after? The answer is yes! I packed a few on my last trip to Glastonbury, put them on two of the mornings for around half an hour, not only did it help to remove the leftover glitter from the day before, it also gave me a fresh feeling. People around you may laugh, but who’s laughing when your face feels refreshed?!

Face mask at a camping music festival

Ensure You Have Hand Sanitiser

The majority of toilets at festivals are portable toilets, and most likely will run out of hand sanitiser within the first day! I usually pick up a small bottle for around 50p and leave it in my bumbag for the weekend, without your hands will feel grimy! Where possible with the free water taps too, give your hands a quick wash as again, this will give you a fresh feeling! 

And there we have it! I hope that these festival freshening up tips will help you to feel rejuvenated at your next festival. I know that the thought of not having a shower or anywhere to freshen up will put people off camping festivals. I was the same before my first festival, and now I embrace it. There will be nothing like your last shower before the festival and the first shower after! 

If you’re unsure what to pack for a festival or you need some first-time survival tips, I blog about all things festival related, so do check out my other blogs!

Do you have any other hacks you’ve picked up which help you feel fresh at a festival? I’d love to know! Let me know in the comments ??