Goals for 2019

All blogs, vlogs and social platforms are full of people’s goals for 2019 and I wanted to do mine. I’m nosy and I like to read what people plan to do with the 365 days of 2019, so thought I’d also put mine on the world-wide web. Not only for people to have a nosy through, to inspire people and also so I can look back at the end of the year and see how far I’ve come. So here we go… 

Go To More Festivals

There is nothing like spending time covered in glitter, sleeping in a tent and drinking warm cider with friends. I love music and festivals are a great experience; I’ve been to V Festival, Creamfields (multiple times!), Isle of Wight, EDC UK, Lovebox and Glastonbury, I’d really like to go to Parklife and Leopallooza this year as well as Creamfields and Glastonbury. 

I want to use my annual leave wisely and therefore weekend festivals are going to be my best bet this year, especially with the amount of travel I want to do! 

Travel More

I didn’t travel much in 2018 due to not working for a few months, but this year that’s going to change! I love going on adventures and travelling the world is an incredible way to do that, exploring new cultures and meeting new people. In 2020, I want to set off on a yearlong adventure, but for now while I’m doing my Master’s degree little trips will have to do!

I’ve already booked Paris for April and have looked at flights to Italy for May and Amsterdam in September, you can check out my travelling bucketlist for the year here. I want to travel as much as possible and as much as my annual leave will allow me to!

I want to focus on mini breaks and long weekends, trying to use my annual leave as wisely as possible, I’d also like to travel more in the UK, visiting Blackpool, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Scotland, Bath and so on as well as Europe travel to Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Ibiza and Italy.

The Adventure To Me Travel

Take More ‘Me Time’

Being busy is what I enjoy but it most definitely takes its toll on me, I exhaust myself sometimes with juggling going to the gym four times a week, working full-time, studying my part-time masters, doing my blog and having a social life. I barely have enough time to keep up to date with the latest TV, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

I do want to take more time to myself this year and just to chill out a bit, I want to try one evening a week to just switch off, relax in the bath with no phone and watch a movie, something to take my mind off everything. 

Be Consistent With The Gym

The fitness freak in me loves going to the gym, I’ve followed many guides (you can read about my fitness journey here). If I don’t go to the gym regularly, I feel rubbish and therefore I like to be consistent. I’ve stopped and started so many guides, next year I want to choose one guide and go through without stopping and starting. I’ve got a lot planned this year and I want to look my best, and going to the gym not only helps me look the best but makes me feel the best too.

Save, Save, Save

Something I did well last year, I aim to save, save, save again this year! My yearlong adventure will come around faster than I expect and I need a good lot of money to start. I however, do have lots of little trips planned too but I still want to put a 1/3 of my salary into my savings each month, and more if I can! 

Whether you want to save for a holiday, a new car or a house, savings are there for you to fall back on if something goes wrong and I’ve felt a massive weight lifted off my chest the last year by having money which I can dip into if needed.  

Save, Travel The Adventure To Me

Smash My Masters Degree

I’ve finally finished the first semester (??) but I’m not even half way through my masters and I’m only one assignment down. I want to continue working hard, keeping up with all lectures and ensuring my assignments are the best they can be!

Work On My Blog

I love having a space that’s just for me and a space I can showcase what I want, my blog is an outlet for me to share my travels and some more personal topics, I really enjoy writing and want to focus more on my blog in 2019, I’ve wrote some blogging goals but in general I just want to spend more time on it and have regular content going out! 

Try More With Dating

The least important of them all, I’ve taken the last two years to focus on myself and haven’t made an effort to meet anyone at all, whether this be on a night out or via Tinder. What’s meant to be will be as they say, but I feel as though I should probably start making a bit more effort to meet people. 

So those are my main goals for the year, as well as just do things that make me happy! I look forward to reflecting at the end of the year and it will fly by before we know it. What are your goals for the year? I’d love to know! 


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