10 Reasons You Should Go To A Festival

Sleeping in a tent for three or more days might sound like an absolute nightmare, but going to a music festival is fully worth it! Being in a field, shut off from the rest of the world with a bunch of likeminded people, with a can of cider in each hand, wearing whatever the hell you like and listening to some incredible music in a crowd full of people is an incredible experience. I for one used to hate the thought of camping, especially as I’m quite anxious about leaving my stuff around for anyone to pinch, however, I’ve now got over my fear as I knew that to fully immerse myself in the festival experience it was something I had to get over! 

If you need any reasons as to why you should go to a music festival this year or any year of your life, I’ve got 10 of them. It’s definitely something you should experience once in your life, even if you hate it (I highly doubt you will!) but at least you’ve ticked it off your list, read on for 10 reasons why you should go to festival.

music festival stage

1. The Fashion

I for one love planning my outfits, I’m writing this 6 months prior to Glastonbury and I’ve already got two outfits planned…! I love fashion and seeing what everyone wears is part of the excitement, you can literally wear whatever you want, and it’s acceptable. I wouldn’t usually wear lycra during my everyday attire, however, during the summer stock up on it! 

glitter and fashion at a festival

2. Sense of Freedom

It’s nice to be shut off from the world at points, you struggle with getting 4G at a festival and it’s nice to just put your phone down at live in the moment. No scrolling through Instagram, no Whatapp groups chats going off, it’s quite liberating to be switched off for a bit and you get a great sense of freedom! 

3. Anything Goes

You want to crack open a cider at 7am? Go for it! Want to eat 10 packets of crisps in one sitting? You eat those crisps! Anything goes when you’re at a festival, no one will judge you and that’s one of the best things! 

4. Discover New Music

You pay between £150 and £300 for a festival ticket to see tonnes of artists, you could pay £70 just to see one. One of the best things about a festival is that you can discover new artists that you may have never heard of before and I’ve had the chance to see so many bands and artists I wouldn’t usually pay to see. 

Coldplay at a festival

5. Meet Amazing People

Meeting new people is one the best reasons you should go to a festival! I’ve made a bunch of lifelong friends who I met at a festival, meaning I’ve got a reason to travel round the UK to visit them all. You can either make some lifelong friends or just people you enjoy a weekend with, and either way you’ll make incredible memories and share something with them you wouldn’t do anywhere else.

6. Eat Whatever you Want

90% of the time I eat healthy and keep an eye on what I’m fuelling my body with, at a festival that goes out the window! Festivals are increasingly adding a variety of different food options and being able to try different things is great. One of my favourite things about Glastonbury was trying something new each day, sometimes multiple times a day and not feeling guilty about eating my body weight in food!

7. Being Covered Head to Toe in Glitter

I’m known as the glitter queen ??‍♀️ I LOVE being able to just cover myself in glitter and there are SO many ways you can do it, glitter is one of the main reasons I love summer and as soon as I set my foot through the gates, the glitter will be on! You see literally everyone wearing glitter!

Glitter hair at a festival

8. Discover Yourself

Festivals are full of freedom and you are at one with nature, you discover sort of who you are a festival and what you enjoy and don’t enjoy. 

9. The Experience

You might hate it, but you might also love it! By at least experiencing a festival once in your life, you’ll know for yourself whether the hype lived up to it. I’ve been to a few festivals I wouldn’t go to again as I didn’t like the vibe, but then I’ve also been to festivals I keep on going back to as I’ve enjoyed them that much, I’ve had a different experience to each and every festival I’ve attended. 

10. Endless Memories

The best part about a festival, whether you enjoyed it or not, you’ll make countless memories! Some of my favourite memories are from being at a festival either sat by the tent, playing the shopping list game and right hand down it and being in the middle of thousands of people listening to Ed Sheeran and Tiësto (not together!). 

Glastonbury sign

I hope I’ve somehow convinced you to go to a festival either this year or once in your life. Whether it’s a music, art or yoga festival, there really is something about being in a field surrounded by likeminded people. I’ve got two or three festivals planned for this, I’m interested to know if you have planned, let me know in the comments below! 


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