Three Days in Amsterdam

One of the places I’ve always wanted to visit, Amsterdam! Known for many things, I’d heard so many positive things about this Dutch city that it’s been up at the top of my list for many years! As it’s been somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit, I have done A LOT of research and thought I’d put my three days in Amsterdam itinerary together! 

It’s key to note we fitted a lot into our three days in Amsterdam, some of which may not appeal to some, but hopefully, my itinerary inspires all or part of your trip! 

Girl at the canals in Amsterdam

Day One

Find A Stroopwafel

First things first, you MUST find and consume a Stroopwafel! Honestly, these are so tasty (I ended up bringing 40 home with me!). As we’re travel bloggers, obviously we’d researched beforehand a few places which are renowned for them, we first made our way to Van Wonderen Stroopwafels, there are a few of these dotted around the city center, so you won’t be too far! 

Stroopwafel in Amsterdam by a canal

Explore Amsterdam On Foot Or Bike

One thing you’ll notice within seconds of being in Amsterdam is the sheer amount of bikes! Give way to them, else you may end up being knocked over! We didn’t actually rent a bike, as we had a lot to squeeze in, but I’d definitely rent one on my next trip!


A vending machine that gives out hot food? Say what?! We spent the first half of our day exploring and walking a lot, so needed a little pick me up without having to have a proper sit-down. These are dotted around the city, so you’ll never be too far! You can pick up burgers, sausages and a variety of croquettes with different fillings, 24 hours a day. 

Febo vending machine in Amsterdam

Visit Anne Frank’s House

This is one I’d 100% recommend booking in advance, you can book two months in advance (we went on the 18thOctober and booked on the 18thAugust), to ensure we got a slot! It is a very emotional and harrowing experience, but it is something I’d suggest everyone visits when in Amsterdam I learned a great deal visiting. 

Eat Something Sweet

Cakestix is basically a cake on a stick! It’s only around a seven-minute walk from Anne Franks House, so a good fit in here. You have the option to choose the slice of cake you’d like, along with the sauce and three toppings with a drizzle, it was much needed sweet treat! It was a bit messy, but super tasty and definitely something I’d recommend for a quick snack on the go.  

Cakestix (a cake on a stick) in Amsterdam

Day Two

Have A Good Breakfast

Pluk is one of the most Instagrammable places to eat in the ‘Dam! It’s situated in the Nine Streets, and boasts a few Insta-worthy shots, from the iconic wooden bench outside to the incredible selections of cakes on display in-store! It’s a place I’ve always seen all over Instagram and knew it was a must-visit! They have a great breakfast/brunch menu, from rainbow bowls to classic eggs. I opted for the Eggs Norweigan, which was Brioches topped with poached eggs, smoked salmon and Hollandaise sauce, it was delicious and kept me full for the morning!

Girl with Eggs Norweigan at Pluk in Amsterdam

Free Walking Tour

Before I met Charlie I’d never done a walking tour, but after our previous one in Geneva, I think I’m fully on board now! There are plenty in every city, it’s best to book beforehand so they can get a rough idea of how many people will be on the tour. The knowledge you learn from a local truly makes a trip. Our tour guide told us a lot of history and even told us where the best place was to get fries and cookies!

If you’re new to free walking tours then it is key to note that it is sort of excepted of you to give your tour guide some money once the tour is complete, the one we went on lasted three hours, with them giving up their own time. 

Pretty In Pink

I’d seen Mama Kelly’s on Instagram quite a lot, the décor is completely pink and I am obsessed! It’s a bit of a bloggers/Instagrammers dream, therefore, we knew it had to be included on our itinerary! It’s a little bit out of the center, so I’d recommend jumping on a tram which takes around 15 minutes, as well as booking a table in advance, especially if you want to visit in the evening. 

We booked a table well in advance for the afternoon. Opting for the steak sandwiches with a side of fries (the fries were massive!), as well as a cocktail to go with, we thoroughly enjoyed our meals. 

Pink mama in Amsterdam interior pink (three days in Amsterdam)

Wake Me Up When I’m Famous

If you’re an Insta fan like me, you’re bound to have seen the infamous ‘Wake Me Up When I’m Famous’ sign. We decided to go on the way back from our lunch at Mama Kelly’s as it was on the way back on the tram, it is just a sign so it’s only a quick stop! 

Wake me up when I'm famous sign in Amsterdam (three days in Amsterdam)

Visit A Coffee Shop

I mean, you must experience everythingwhen you’re in Amsterdam, even a ‘coffeeshop’. There are three types of coffee places in Amsterdam, coffeeshops, Koffiehuis’ and cafes, don’t get them confused or you may end up somewhere you may not expect! 

All Things Sex

Amsterdam is known quite a lot for sex, with theatres and museums dedicated to it plus the iconic Red Light District. Firstly, we headed to the Sex Museum, which was the first-ever sex museum. It cost €5 and you’ll learn about sex through the ages, think lots of photos, and plenty of penis-shaped objects!

Next up was a sex show. Honestly, when I first heard about sex shows and them being an actual thing, I was shooketh. I can’t unsee some of the things which I saw during the show, but to say, it was an experience may be an understatement! There are so many Sex Theatres in Amsterdam, but we headed to Casa Rosso, which is known for being a more ‘classy’ version in the Red Light District. For €40 you can stay as long as you like, with the show running from 7 pm til 3 am.  

Day Three

A Breakfast With A View

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, setting you up for the day! Blue Amsterdam is a restaurant with 360-degree views over the city. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t great on the day we wanted and there was an issue with the kitchen. So, half the food wasn’t available, so we opted for some croissants which would tide us over for a few hours, and the views were pretty good!

Girl all in black having a coffee at Blue Amsterdam

Visit A Museum

There are so many in Amsterdam, conveniently a lot of them are situated pretty close together, so you could do a few in one go! We headed to Mocco, the museum of modern, contemporary and street art. The exhibitions change, but when we went Banksy (a Bristol fav), Daniel Arsham and a few others were exhibiting. You can buy tickets at the door, but we had a little bit of queue, so you can also book online! 

Purple balls at MOCO museum in Amsterdam

Spot The Gingerbread Houses

You’ll have noticed that a lot of the houses in Amsterdam are slightly wonky. This is due to the fact many of the houses were built upon wooden poles which went into the marshy ground below. All of the houses in Amsterdam are incredibly beautiful! The iconic picture you’ve seen is probably the gingerbread houses along Damrak Avenue, leaning all sorts of ways!

Gingerbread houses down Damrak Avenue in Amsterdam

Amsterdam By Boat

Amsterdam is known for its canals, so it’s a must to explore the ‘Dam on the canal! There are SO many canal tours, going at various times throughout the day, some with food included and some not, different routes etc. Pick whatever one interests you! There are a variety departing just by Damrak Avenue, so you can kill two birds with one stone here. 

Eat The Best Fries

During our walking tour on the previous day, we were told the best fries were from Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx, which was established in 1957 in Amsterdam and also known as the sauce masters! I picked up some small fries with mayo, and they were delicious! They only take cash, so bear that in mind! 

Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx fries in Amsterdam

Last Treat

If chocolate-covered strawberries are your thing, then Polaberry is a must-visit as it’s what they specialise in! There’s also a lot of other little treats you can pick up, in case you wanted to take something home with you! I’d recommend a chocolate bar, they’re all beautifully decorated, and perfect for that last Insta shot by the canal ??‍♀️

Chocolate-covered strawberries from Polaberry in Amsterdam

Best Viewpoint In The City

To finish off your incredible three days in Amsterdam, why not head to the A’DAM Lookout? You can get 360-degree views over the city! It has an amazing viewpoint and you can even book a slot for the swings! We didn’t actually pre-book this, but I’d recommend doing so. There’s a bar, so you can enjoy the views while sipping a cocktail, as well as an interactive exhibit. One of the things A’DAM Lookout is known for is the swing, where you literally swing over the edge! 

360-degree view over Amsterdam at A'DAM Lookout in Amsterdam

Hopefully, my three days in Amsterdam itinerary has inspired your trip! We squeezed A LOT into our three days. Honestly, Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities I’ve visited, there is just SO much to do. I already want to come back and do even more! It’s key to note we like food, so we added in a lot of little stops to pick up some stuff we’d seen all over the internet, which may not be your cup of tea!

Have you visited Amsterdam before? I’d love to know if there is anything, in particular, you’d recommend doing! Let me know in the comments ??

Three Days in Amsterdam

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