The Best Walks in North Devon

Miles of coastline, magnificent views and incredible walks, North Devon is one of the most scenic places in the UK. I’m born and bred in Devon and have enjoyed walking my way around Devon for the last 20 years. 

For the best routes and everything you need to know about each of these walks, I’d recommend visiting the National Trust website or the South West Coastal Path website, where they have print outs and details about the walks in a lot better detail!

Tarka Trail North Devon sign

Crow Point

Length Of Walk: 1.5 hours

Miles: 3

Crow Point is a slightly less challenging walk and takes you along the beach, and in my opinion, there is nothing quite like a sea breeze. The walk boasts incredible views over Instow and Appledore and is perfect for when you want to stretch your legs but not break too much of a sweat! 

The car park is free but you do have to pay a £2 toll fee to get access. 

Girl on Crow Point beach in North Devon

Baggy Point 

Baggy Point is the starting point for many great walks in North Devon, depending on how challenging you’d like the walk to be and how long you have to explore will determine which route you take. 

Length Of Walk: 2 hours

Miles: 2

Firstly, you have the easy walk around Baggy Point which isn’t challenging, so is perfect for any fitness level. 

Baggy Point Via Middleborough Hill

Length Of Walk: 1.25 hours

Miles: 2.6

If you’re looking for a slightly more challenging walk than the easy circular route around Baggy Point, then the circular route via Middleborough Hill is perfect. 

Baggy Point To Woolacombe

Length Of Walk: 4 hours

Miles: 10 

One of the best and longest walks is the circular walk from Baggy Point to Woolacombe. Please note, that this walk is challenging and does involve some steep ascends and descends.

Baggy Point Via Bloodhills Cliff

Length Of Walk: 2 hours

Miles: 4.5

If you’d like to see incredible views of the coastline and farmland, then the 4.5-mile circular walk via Bloodhills Cliff is for you, it’s slightly more challenging than the 2.6-mile walk via Middleborough Hill. 

Wistlandpound Reservoir 

Length Of Walk: 30 – 45 minutes

Miles: 1.5 

Wistlandpound Reservoir is one of the most peaceful places for a walk, it’s a pretty easy walk as it’s mostly flat and has an accessible path. The two circular walks are around the perimeter of the lake. Please note, it can get muddy so make sure to pack your wellies or some good walking boots.

There’s even a bird-watching hut and some benches so you’re able to enjoy a picnic when the sun actually shines! There is plenty of parking but the free parking at the top is limited, so ensure you do have some change in case you need to park in the car park. 

Wistlandpound Reservoir , North Devon

Heddon Valley

Depending on whether you fancy a gentle walk or something a little longer and more challenging will determine which walking route you take at Heddon Valley. 

Length Of Walk: 1 hour

Miles: 2

For a scenic but gentle walk, the two-mile walk begins near the Hunter’s Inn (a really lovely restaurant to grab a bite after you’ve finished your walk!) and is a straight walk to Heddon’s Mouth.  

Heddon Valley To Woody Bay

Length Of Walk: 2.5 – 3 hours

Miles: 6 

The 6-mile walk from Heddon Valley to Woody Bay is a challenging walk as you have to ascend up some steep hills. However, it is totally worth it for the views. You’ll pass a small waterfall (be careful not to slip as I almost did!) and see the most incredible views which reach all the way to Wales.

Woody Bay views North Devon

Valley of the Rocks

Length Of Walk: 3.5 hours

Miles: 8.6

There are many walks you can do from Valley of the Rocks, but the 8.6-mile loop takes you from Valley of the Rocks into Lynton, through Lynmouth and then back on the South West Coast Path. So, it makes it the perfect and most scenic route. My favourite part of Valley of the Rocks is seeing the wild goats which live on the rocks! 

Valley of the rocks in the summer

Lee Bay

Length Of Walk: 2 hours

Miles: 4.2 

Situated in Ilfracombe, Lee Bay offers a few walking routes, so again, you can tailor the walk to suit you and your fitness levels. My favourite is the 4.2-mile walk which showcases some of the best views of the sea and also the farmland. This is known to be a challenging walk, so do bear in mind that you can shorten the route to suit you! 

Codden Hill (Via Bishops Tawton & Landkey)

Length Of Walk: 2 – 3 hours 

Miles: 5.1

For incredible views over Barnstaple and beyond, you have to walk to Codden Hill. You can park at Codden Hill itself and do a short walk around, alternatively, you can do the walk via Bishops Tawton and Landkey. Once you reach the top, you’ll be blessed with incredible views across the whole of North Devon stretching from Bideford Bay to Northam Burrows. It can be a challenging walk due to having steep ascends and descends, so make sure you wear sensible footwear!

Eggesford Forest

Length Of Walk: 1.5 hours

Miles: 3

Located in Chulmleigh, Eggesford Forest is a popular walk for dog walkers but is also great for a lovely forest walk. All but one part of the walk is unpaved and as you can imagine it can get pretty muddy, so it’s probably best to bring your wellies! 

Parking is free at Eggesford Forest but if it’s a beautiful day then the car park can get pretty full. 

Tarka Trail 

The Tarka Trail is 180 miles, but 30 miles paved, starting in Meeth in Mid-Devon and ends in Lee Bay in Ilfracombe. It is a long stretch and there is no need to do the whole stretch, I run along the Tarka Trail but just turn back when I’ve had enough. So, for this one, I haven’t included the length or time because you can tailor it to suit you! 

It’s suitable for cycling too, and you’re bound to see many cyclists on the route, so do bear that in mind! 

The most popular routes tend to be:

  • Barnstaple to Braunton (6 miles)
  • Barnstaple to Bideford (9 miles)
  • Bideford to Torrington (6 miles)
  • Torrington to Meeth (11 miles)
Tarka Trail in North Devon

Arlington Court

Length Of Walk: 1 hour

Miles: 1.8

Arlington Court is a family estate that has been held by the Chichester family for hundreds of years. Arlington Court gardens are known for their incredible display of flowers every single season. The walk is enjoyable and isn’t too difficult, you can also grab a cream tea too!


Boasting incredible views over the Bristol Channel, there are a few amazing walks at Watersmeet for different fitness levels. Ranging from easy to challenging, and depending on how long you’d like to walk, there are plenty of different routes to choose from, for the full range of walking trails, check them out on the National Trust site here.

Tarr Steps 

The iconic steps are said to date back to 1000BCE, they’ve been repaired multiple times but are infamous in Devon. There are two main walks at Tarr Steps, one which is short and the other longer. 

Tarr Steps in North Devon

Length Of Walk: 1.5 hours

Miles: 2.2 

The short circular walk takes you from one side of Tarr Steps to the other, it’s an easy route making it perfect for all abilities, but do remember to pack some wellies if it is muddy!

Length Of Walk: 6 hours

Miles: 8

This walk is moderate as it involves some steep ascends, it is a loop so you’ll end up back where you started. This is one of the most popular walks in the Exmoor National Park, so it’s one I’d recommend you do!

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And there we go, my collection of the best walks in North Devon! There are so many incredible walks to do and there most definitely is more than what I’ve listed here, so my advice is to check out the National Trust as they have all the walks featured in-depth. 

What’s your favourite walk in North Devon? Let me know in the comments!


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