A Weekend in North Devon

Sunset at Saunton Sands, weekend in North Devon

Amazing beaches, charming villages and picturesque towns, North Devon is an incredible place. Although I do complain about it, it’s incredibly beautiful and when the sun is shining, there’s no place I’d rather be. As I’ve lived in North Devon for 25 years, I thought I’d put together an itinerary for a weekend in North Devon, as I’d like to think I know the place pretty well!

So here we go… 



Perched high in the hills lays the quaint little village of Appledore! Cobbled streets and colourful houses, it’s the cutest little village to explore. To start your day you’re bound to need some fuel, so head to The Coffee Cabin; mouth-watering cakes and good coffee, what more could you want to start the day?!

If you’re up for an adventure, there are boat trips which you can take to explore Devon by sea! You can even get the Appledore to Instow Ferry, which means you can then explore Instow too.


When in Devon, you have to have an afternoon tea! And after wandering around Appledore for the morning you’ll want some food. There are many to choose from, you can read my guide to afternoon teas in North Devon here. My suggestion would be Tea by The Taw, based in Barnstaple which is the main hub in North Devon. Known for their delicious cakes, the afternoon tea also comes with sausage rolls, mini pastries, and mini quiches!

If you fancy a spot of shopping then Barnstaple high street has a fair few shops to explore, even though it’s small there is a Primark. 

Afternoon tea in North Devon


As well as an afternoon tea, when you’re in Devon you have to have fish and chips! I’d highly recommend Squires, which is in Braunton. Depending on the weather you could get takeout and head to the beach, but there is also a restaurant so you can sit in if it’s raining like it usually is in the UK! 

If the weather is on side, I’d head down to Saunton Sands, take a stroll along and watch the sunset, as there’s nothing quite like it! 

Sunset at Saunton Sands, weekend in North Devon



North Devon is truly beautiful with so many outdoor activities. I’d recommend spending your Sunday in the fresh air, when possible I love to do a national trust walk. North Devon is full of them, so it’s up to you where you head. My favourites include Watersmeet, Heddon Valley, and Lynmouth. 

There are numerous walks, of all terrains, lengths and difficulty levels, so you could take a 30-minute stroll or a three-hour hike to take in the incredible views!

If a walk is not your cup of tea then another favourite place of mine is Lynton and Lynmouth, the twin villages are incredibly picturesque. You can take cliff railway down to Lynmouth if you’ve parked in Lynton, or vice versa. They really are both stunning villages and you could easily spend the whole day exploring! 

National Trust Walk in Devon


Head to Westward Ho! Late afternoon for cake and a deluxe hot chocolate at Tea On The Green, honestly, this is the place I take everyone when they come down to visit! It’s open until 5 pm, so you’ve got plenty of time.

They do specials every weekend, so be sure to keep an eye on their Facebook page for the big reveal. I’m a massive fan of cheesecakes so usually have one of those and always take a brownie away, the triple chocolate brownie warmed up topped with some ice cream is a dream, and allows you to take a taste of Devon home with you!

After filling up on cake head into the arcades and get your 2p’s out to feel like a kid again! There is an abundance of games too, so it’s not just the 2p machines.

Cake from Tea on the Green


Another favourite of mine is Barricane Beach, a lot of the itinerary for a weekend in North Devon is based around beaches, but it’s the best part. This is a beach with a difference, you can enjoy a curry on the beach. Ditch the disposable containers, you’re given a plate, knife, and fork, then bring along a few cans of cider or a bottle of prosecco to go along with the Sri Lankan curry and end the day by watching another Devonshire sunset! 

It’s key to note that the café only serves the curry in the evening from June to September, from 5 pm – 7.30 pm, again depending on the weather!

Westward Ho! sunset, weekend in North Devon

I hope this itinerary for a weekend in North Devon has helped give you some inspiration for your trip! I’ve tried to cover my favourite parts of Devon, which is mainly the beaches and food. There is so much to do and this itinerary does involve a lot of driving round to other areas, so if you’re not bringing your car or don’t wish to travel as much as I’ve suggested, you can most definitely stretch out the times in each place to explore even further. 

If you’re in need of some other ideas of what to do in North Devon in the summer, then you read some more of my ideas here! What’s your favourite thing to do or see in North Devon? Let me know in the comments!


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