A Trip to Bristol Christmas Market

Christmas is a time for spending time with your friends and family, eating and drinking everything in sight and what better way to do so than visiting a Christmas market? I’ve visited the Bath Christmas Market and the Exeter Christmas this year, and top it off the Bristol Christmas Market! I’ve always loved Christmas and there’s no better way to get into the festive spirit than to visit a good old Christmas market!

Having lived in Bristol for four years, I would always pop down when the markets were on but never fully appreciated how incredible they are. Having moved back to Devon and to not have the luxury, this year I have taken full advantage of the markets whenever I’ve been visiting. 

The Main Market

The main market is in the heart of Bristol’s center, with over 50 stalls from local traders, with lots of food, mulled cider (??) and unique stalls. Opening from 10 AM – 7 PM daily and the food and drink stalls opening from 10 AM – 10 PM, meaning you have lots of time to explore! It does get busy on weekends but it doesn’t get as hectic as the Bath Christmas Market and makes a great alternative, especially if you want to pop into Cabot Circus or THE best Primark in the UK. 

I wanted to pick up some presents for my family and friends, however, kept finding things for myself! Bristol well and truly has my heart and I’ve wanted a Bristol related picture for a while and then I spotted this on display on one of the stalls, it was two for £15 and I also spotted a water coloured map of the world with ‘wherever you go, go with all your heart’ and being a travel blogger and an adventure chaser, I thought it was very apparent, go check out Atlanta Designs as there’s plenty to see! 

Atlanta Designs Bristol Art

The Harbourside

On the weekends, there is also a Harbourside Market, which fills the covered walkway, celebrating more local artisans work. Nothing screams British more than a Yorkshire pudding wrap, I picked one up one evening and it was incredible, filled with stuffing, veg, meat and roast potatoes, it might sound like an odd combination but it really was incredible!

Bristol Christmas Market Yorkshire Pudding Wrap

The Millennium Square

The Millennium Square is home to the ice rink, some cute funfair rides and the Apres bar, it gets quite lively there on weekend evenings due to the DJ and live performances, but makes for a great stop for some drinks before a night out or just before heading home after a day of exploring the markets!

Apres Bar Bristol Christmas Market

Pop-up Etsy Winter Shop

There’s also a pop up Etsy shop in the Galleries, which has been organised by the Bristol Etsy and Instagram collective Bristol Girl Bosses team. You’ll be able to pick up locally designed products, I like supporting local artists and businesses, and picked up some cute little positive postcards from Sunshine for Breakfast (I may have an obsession with wall art and cute quotes!)

Bristol at Christmas

Next year I want to visit even more markets, Bristol is full of festive cheer and I’d like to venture up to Clifton market and St. Nicks market next year, just to name a few. If you’ve been to the Bristol Christmas Market before, where else would you recommend exploring?

I’d also like to visit some European Christmas Markets, if you have any recommendations, let me know in the comments below!

Merry Bristmas everyone! 


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