Best Places For Cocktails In Bristol

There are SO many places you can grab an alcoholic beverage in Bristol, from the many bars to clubs and incredible places to eat. Other than a good cider, I love treating myself to a cocktail! There are many places in which you can grab a crafty cocktail in Bristol, but I thought I’d cover some of my favourites! So, here is my roundup of the best places for cocktails in Bristol.  

Slug & Lettuce

Location: Harbourside & Nicholas Street

Prices From: £9.75 (although it’s always 241!) 

My Favourite Cocktail: Rumberry Mojito

Pornstar Martini at Slug and lettuce Bristol

First up on the list is Slug & Lettuce, which actually has two places in Bristol. The iconic one on the Harbourside which most people know about, or have been to, and the second which is on Nicholas Street (opposite Vodka Revs). The Harbourside one has just had a refurb, it now includes more floral things (which I am SO here for!) and even a cute little pod outside (which you’d have to book in advance). 

It can get very busy on weekends as the Harbourside is renowned for lots of stag and hen dos, meaning the service can be very slow. It is something I would deal with as 241 can’t be beaten! The cocktail menu is extensive; so whether you fancy a Pornstar Martini, Passion Fruit Mojito or Bellini, they’ve got it all! Even treat yourself to a Giant Mojito (£30.95), Pornstar Tree (£46.95) or a Giant Pornstar (£36 – a full bottle of prosecco on the side!). 

Vodka Revolution

Location: Old Fish Market

Prices From: £8

My Favourite Cocktail: Rosie & Gin

Want to get the vibe of a nightclub without going to an actual nightclub? Vodka Revs is perfect! With a DJ every Friday and Saturday evening, you can enjoy cocktails in a slightly more intimate setting. 

While I was a student I had a Vodka Revolution card which gave you some great discounts, it looks as though they’ve scrapped this and have just released an app! Download the app for freebies, discounts, and offers!

They’ve got an extensive menu, whether you fancy a classic Piña Colada or something a bit different like a Bubblegum Daiquiri or a Rosie & Gin, there’s something for every taste! 

The Florist

Location: Park Street

Prices From: £7.50

My Favourite Cocktail: Elderflower Cucumber Cooler

Floral cocktail at The Florist Bristol

Relatively new to Bristol (it opened in early 2018), is The Florist. This may be one of my favourite places, not only for cocktails and food but the incredible floral wall! It’s the perfect place to have a catch-up and a few cocktails with the gals or a few classy cocktails before hitting the town!

As the name suggests the majority of the cocktails are floral based, whether it’s a classic English tipple such as the Elderflower Cucumber Cooler, a modernised Koala Tree Mojito or something a bit different like Peach & Jasmine Sour. They’ve also got the option of sharing Gin vases, which are £18.95, perfect for a night with the gals! 

Lost & Found

Location: Queens Road

Prices From: £7.95

My Favourite Cocktail: Passion of Santiago

Another new one to the scene, Lost & Found opened in March 2018 on Queens Road (on the Triangle). Focusing on Victorian botanical hideaways, it boasts another Insta worthy interior! As well as more incredible cocktails, they also offer a bottomless brunch (you can view my favourite bottomless brunches here!)

Their cocktail menu is split into a few different sections, Lost cocktails and Found cocktails, as well as classics and professor cocktails. If you’re unsure what to go for, they have a taste map which helps you discover which is your perfect drink, which you can view here, as well as the menu!

If you fancy something the Bristol professor drink, Ms Elizabeth E. Lightfoot, a cocktail which comes with a personalised Polaroid picture on the side or something classic like an Aperol Spritz, the menu is very impressive!

London Cocktail Club

Location: The Triangle

Prices From: £9

My Favourite Cocktail: Jam Jar Daiquiri

Situated on The Triangle and very close to Lost & Found is the London Cocktail Club! The first bar opened in 2008 where the owners wanted to create the greatest drinks with the best ingredients. Bristol was the first city outside of London in which a bar was open, opening in 2018. 

Another incredible and very extensive menu! If you fancy something Harry Potter would love, Butter Beer (but with added alcohol!), something a bit different like the Bacon & Egg Martini or something classic such as a Long Island Iced Tea, then add it to your list! They’ve also a great list of ‘gang bangers’, there’s a fishbowl which serves 14 for £100, a fountain of truth which serves 28 for £200 and even a bathtub lagoon (which comes with a rubber duck!) for £25 for two. 

Top tip: sign up for the LCC membership to get two cocktails for £12 at all times! 

Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Location: Whiteladies Road

Prices From: £8.50

My Favourite Cocktail: Twister

A secret cocktail bar on Whiteladies road! If I wasn’t with people who’d been before I wouldn’t have known where it was as it doesn’t have a sign. It’s quite small and very cosy, but the cocktail menu is incredible! The whole menu sounds delicious, with all of the cocktails being crafted around places in the UK!

As you sit down you’ll be given a ‘travel guide’ which looks like a passport with all the cocktails in and old skool pictures! They’ve also got Jenga so as you sip on your cocktail, you could play a game! Definitely a place which would be good for a first date. I opted for the Twister cocktail and it was delicious, tasted exactly like a Twister lolly. It even comes with a full Twister lolly in the drink, which is soaked in alcohol!


Location: Broad Quay

Prices From: £4.00

My Favourite Cocktail: Marshmallow Daiquiri

Wings for the perfect Insta shot ✅ Smoky and lava cocktails ✅ Aluna is all about the magic! Mixed to perfection, they’re got a great menu, from signature Aluna drinks to wicked cocktails and some sweet ones too, meaning there is a drink for every taste bud going (even males!). The first cocktail I ever got at Aluna was the lava lamp one back in 2017, it was mesmerising!

They do Cauldron cocktails too, think smoky large bowls of alcohol shared between a group! The Asian Infusion (£22) sounds delicious, they’ve also got a large classic Pornstar (£30)! 

The Milk Thistle

Location: Colston Avenue 

Prices From: £9

My Favourite Cocktail: O’sentimental One

Another hidden cocktail bar located near to Colston Hall, The Milk Thistle is based in one of Bristol’s historic buildings. The interior is very authentic and they pride themselves on giving guests a place to relax! The Milk Thistle is based on four floors, with a cocktail bar, lounge and function rooms.

Another authentic and personalised menu, of course, they offer the classics, but what makes going to a cocktail bar is the specials! Whether you fancy a Bristol tea or milky punch, it’s a must-visit!

Revolution De Cuba

Location: Harbourside

Prices From: £7.75 

My Favourite Cocktail: Reggae Rum Punch

Mango Passion Punchbowl at Revolution De Cuba Bristol

Maybe one of my new favourite places, Revolution De Cuba is situated on the Harbourside. The Latin inspired bar and restaurant is a place you could enjoy a nice meal, but also have a great night! With a take on the Cuban classics, the majority of their drinks include rum, which is perfect for me! Whether you fancy a rum twist on a mojito, a rum inspired Pornstar Martini or a very strong iced tea, you won’t be disappointed! 

There is also the option of sharer cocktails, pictured above is the Mango Passion Punchbowl, which even comes with the passionfruits on fire, for £24 we managed to get around seven drinks from it! They even do free Salsa classes on a Sunday, so it really is a must-visit when you’re in Bristol!

Flipside Cocktail Club

Location: Whiteladies Road

Prices From: £8

My Favourite Cocktail: Dominican Sleaze

Cocktail at Flipside Cocktail Club Bristol

Named as the best cocktail bar in Bristol by 365Bristol, Flipside Cocktail Club is situated on Whiteladies Road, surrounded by a number of other cocktail bars. They’ve got an extensive menu, with classics such as Pina Coladas to their take on the classics, such as Thyme Out (which has egg white in, I’ve never had a cocktail with it in, and was pleasantly surprised!). 

I’m all about Instagrammable interiors, and with good lighting and a neon sign, Flipside didn’t disappoint! The atmosphere is also really relaxed and welcoming too, we ended up spending hours here drinking our way through the menu! 

And there we have it! The best places for cocktails in Bristol! There are definitely more places, and I will continue to add to this list as I discover more and drink more around Bristol. I’ve probably said that almost all of these are a must-visit, and it’s true, they are! Bristol is great for a night out, whether you want a chilled or mad one!

Where is your favourite place for a cocktail in Bristol? Let me know in the comments! 

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Best places for cocktails in Bristol

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