Creamfields Review

Potentially one of my favourite places in the UK, Creamfields! I’ve attended the festival four times over the past five years; 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019, having an absolute blast each time! Creamfields is definitely one of those festivals which gets a bad rap because of what is associated with EDM; however, I’ve found it to be one of the festivals I’ve felt most comfortable at. And so, I thought I would put this blog together to let you know what’s it’s really like. So, read on for my Creamfields review

Girl at Creamfields 2019

What’s It Really Like?

Literally whenever I tell anyone about going to Creamfields, the judgement starts! Dance and house music is highly associated with drugs; however, 1) not everyone that goes to the festival will be on them 2) every festival nowadays you will find a lot of people take drugs. I’ve actually found that compared to a few other festivals, that I’ve felt incredibly safe at Creamfields, with most people actually being super nice. 

For me, I find that Creamfields is much more chilled than other festivals. As you’re watching DJ’s, the crowd is less likely to get jampacked and you have some space to move and bust a few shapes. I went to V Festival in 2016, and every single act people had no room to move, which I enjoyed a lot less. 

Laser lights at creamfields festival

How Is The Queuing?

The first year we got there late afternoon so the queue wasn’t too bad, second year we went on the Thursday (the first time they extended the festival to four days), and again we didn’t have to queue for too long. The third year we got there quite early, a few hours before the gates opened and it took us a little while to get through, because of the thorough checks. The fourth time I went we got there early, at 8am, four hours before the gates opened and there was already a queue! We wanted to get there early so that we’d be able to get a good space camping, it took HOURS to get through security. We were quite close but we stood for around two hours waiting for everyone to get their bags checked. 

One of the annoying things about Creamfields is that there is no pass outs. Once you’re in the festival you can’t go out, else you won’t get back in. So everything you need on you for the weekend, you will need to be able to carry it, as you can’t go out again! 

Girl at creamfields festival with wings

How Is The Camping?

The first two years I went the camping was incredible, there was a lot of space. The first year we got there late on the Friday and there was still a lot of space still. Second year we went on the Thursday, and got there before it filled up. But on the third year, it was a struggle to get a spot for all of the group (five tents) and we had got there early. They’d started to shrink the size of standard camping, making more room for bronze, silver and gold, which is a bit disappointing. 

What Are The Food & Drink Prices?

It’s basically standard prices! Around £5 for a pint, £7 for a spirit and mixer, £10 for a double spirit and redbull and around £2.50 for a bottle of water. There is a lot of food choices (which I am SO here for!), every sort of food you could want at a festival! I’d say a portion of chips would be around £5, a pizza £10 and some noodles for £10, pretty normal festival prices! 

What Should I Do?

I’ve always wanted to find the Creamfields sign, in my four years I have not seen it; however, I still want to! So I’d recommend trying to find the sign for a iconic shot. There’s also a Redbull bar, as they’re usually sponsors. I’m not sure if this is every year, but in 2019, behind the bar was a cute little secret bar, a DJ, some foliage and a nice spot away from the blaring sun! 

Tropical rumble cocktail at secret Redbull bar at Creamfields festival

The Bar Crawl

There is also a bar crawl! Each year we’ve said we’d attempt to do it, until 2019 when we actually completed about half of it! I’m pretty sure it changes each year, and it can get quite expensive if you stop at each as most are cocktail bars, where it’s around £7.50 per drink. Even if you don’t complete the whole thing, it’s a bit of fun, and an excuse to see more of the festival!

This was 2019’s bar crawl:

Get Hitched

Another great bit of fun is the inflatable church!! You can book in to get ‘married’, you’ll dress up, walk down the aisle with a bunch of strangers, get drunk and have a jolly good time, with some snaps taken after! It’s a lot of fun and you laugh A LOT while it’s taking place, it’s based in the campsite village, so if you’re camping it’s just before you head into the main arena!

Who Can I Expect To See?

The line-up is quite similar most years, so it’s likely you’ll never be disappointed! I saw Avicii twice in the field, The Chainsmokers (my absolute favs!), Galantis, Alesso, Swedish House Mafia (?), Tiesto, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Chase & Status, Timmy Trumpet, Martin Garrix, Eric Prydz, the list goes on! Think of your favourite dance and house artists and it’s likely they’ll be there. I’m more into dance-y music rather than drum & bass and house, but the range of artists is incredible, so whatever your EDM sub-genre, there will be something for all!

Solardo at Creamfields festival

Would I Recommend?

Well, I’ve been four times so I probably didn’t really need to put this part in! I could go every year and see the same artists, and still have an absolute blast. It’s a great atmosphere and being over the Bank Holiday weekend, it’s nice that you don’t have to take Monday as holiday! The whole festival is very chilled, the stages aren’t that far apart that you could easily make it to another set just as one is finishing! 

Cocktail at Creamfields festival
One of the many cocktails I had on the bar crawl!

And there we have it, my Creamfields review! I’ve combined my four years’ worth of experiences into one review. I’ve had an incredible time each time I’ve been, although it does start on the Thursday, I usually go on the Friday, so it’s only three nights of camping! It’s a very easy going, chilled festival, so if you like any type of EDM I’d highly recommend going at some point in your life! 

Have you been to Creamfields before? If you have, let me know your thoughts in the comments ??



  1. Kate
    21st December 2020 / 3:10 am

    Hey! Thanks so much for posting this. My friends and I are from Los Angeles and bought tickets for 2021. Can’t wait as we’re obsessed with Above & Beyond. Had a few questions about camping etc since it will be all of our first times in Europe. We’re thinking of doing the Airstream RV but I’m concerned about our luggage since we’re doing London for two days prior then training it form Euston so basically we’ll all have luggage. Would you recommend us just staying in Manchester / hotel and shuttling it to and from everyday? That just seems like a hassle but also concerned for the practical part of our stuff and comfort etc. would love your thoughts since you’re a creamfields pro by now. Thanks so much in advance and hope you’re staying safe this year! Xx

    • 4th February 2021 / 6:33 pm

      Hey! No worries at all, I feel as though you get a better experience by camping as it prolongs the fun whereas with the day tickets, you’re only allowed in the arena but it is doable! Alternatively, you could always look at a luggage drop off place near Creamfields to leave your suitcases? I’m not sure they have anything at the actual site but if you did want to camp then that’s an option! Hope that’s helpful, but do let me know if you have any other questions! 🙂 xx

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