How To Look After Your Mental Health

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While the whole of the UK is currently on lockdown, and we are unsure for how long, it is likely to take a toll on a lot of peoples mental health. Personally, I like to always be busy, and I’m rarely at home, so for me, it’s a little odd that I don’t know when I’ll be able to leave the house next (for longer than a walk). 

I’ve kept in a positive mood and am ensuring to help with my own wellbeing at this challenging time. I am by no means a doctor, but these tips on how to look after your mental health have helped me during these unprecedented times.

Get Into A Routine

Whether you’re still working from home or not, getting into a routine will help split up your days. I am currently still working full-time, so during the week, I work my regular hours and have split my day up.

My Routine 

During the week I work from 8 til 4.30, I wake up at 6:45 AM, do a Shreddy home workout, have a shower and then work in my room from 8 til 10. I then go downstairs to my kitchen, rustle up a quick bit of breakfast (usually eggs) and work in my kitchen from 10 til 1.

I will then make some lunch and go out of my kitchen for the hour, then work from 2 til 4.30. After finishing work, I will head out for an hour walk to get some fresh air, and then I’ll come back and do uni work for an hour. 

I like to be organised and knowing what’s next in my day makes the days go faster. It’s a little different on weekends, but I still keep in a good routine. 

Get Dressed

Do you ever feel lethargic and a little lazy when you’ve stayed in your pyjamas all day? My suggestion would be to jump in the shower in the morning and get dressed, so you aren’t sat in the same clothes every day. I’ve been wearing comfy and baggy loungewear for the last few weeks and feel so much better than just sitting in my PJs all day!

Eat Normally

Food is a massive thing for me. I try and eat healthy the majority of the time, and I’ve been trying to do the same when I’ve been home. Obviously, food shopping is a little more challenging at the moment, so rather than counting my macros, I just ensure to eat less than 1,500 calories every day.

I know when I’ve eaten everything in sight, I tend to feel guilty, which effects my mental health. Obviously, I am still allowing myself treats, and I don’t believe you should restrict yourself, regardless of whether you’re home or not. I still allow myself a crème egg or a packet of crisps here and there!

Whatever your usual eating routine is, try your best to stick to it as it helps to keep you in a routine! 

Go For A Walk

We’re allowed to head out for some exercise once a day, and it’s really helped to clear my head. At the moment, although it’s cold, we’ve got blue skies, and I know once we get some rain it may be a little more difficult, but getting some fresh air has great health benefits. I now look forward to my hour walk every evening! 

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Video Call With Friends & Family

A lot of people are in lockdown on their own and not being able to see anybody or know when you’ll next see someone isn’t a great feeling. The best thing to do is to keep in contact via our wonderful phones

Whether that’s via FaceTime, WhatsApp, Zoom or Facebook Messenger, there are so many ways you can keep in contact via video!

Do Some Exercise

Exercise can help with a number of things, losing weight, releasing endorphins and helping with mental health. According to the NHS, adults should aim for 150 minutes every week. Even if you don’t usually exercise, even going for a walk will help to clear your mind.

I’ve been exercising on a regular basis for the last ten years and find when I don’t stay active, it really affects my brain, and I start to feel bad. Keeping active has really helped me while I’ve been at home, and I’ve probably done more the last few weeks than I have the last few months! 

For tips on how to keep active at home, check out my previous blog

Take Some Self Care Time

Whether that’s an hour-long soak in the tub, a face mask or a spot of meditating. It is essential to take some time for yourself, even when you’re stuck at home. Give yourself time to rejuvenate! 

I hope that these tips on how to look after your mental health help during this unprecedented time help! It is essential to look after yourself during these times, and also to check in on the ones you love to ensure they’re doing good too! 

Just remember, it’s okay, not to be okay!


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