What’s It Like Working Full-Time & Doing A Part-Time Masters?

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Why am I doing a masters while working full-time? I ask myself this quite a lot! I get tired, stressed and probably a nightmare to be around at some points, but it will be worth it, or so I tell myself!

I find that a lot of people are in the same position as me and are juggling working full-time as well as doing a masters part-time. So, I thought I’d put this blog together for anyone who is thinking about doing the same and is wondering what it’s like

Why Did I Do It?

I decided to start a part-time masters in marketing when it took me a while to get a job in marketing when I moved back to Devon after finishing my undergraduate. I already had two years’ worth of experience in marketing when I moved back but struggled to secure a job. 

All companies asked for more experience, but how are you meant to get experience if they won’t give you a job?! And to help myself, I thought I’d start a part-time masters alongside the job I finally secured in marketing. 

Lectures Are Mainly Online

This will depend on where you’re doing your masters. I do mine at UWE (which is where I did my undergrad) and get two teaching days per module at university, a lot of other courses are predominately just online. It can be hard to sit down, open your laptop and watch the lectures, as no one will technically know if you’ve done the study units. 

I find I switch off a lot when I’m watching lectures online, but I plough through and do make sure to get through each study unit, no matter how long it takes me!

Plan, Plan, Plan

Planning is key when you’re juggling many things at once. I am a fairly organised person and like to know what I’m doing and when. The last few months, I’ve been using Google Calendars to keep track of my life. I colour code for work, uni work, blog work and my social life; it’s definitely helped me to use my time more efficiently!

You tend to do two modules at a time with your dissertation on top, so there are three things you’ll need to make time for. This includes watching the lectures, doing the assignments and researching, which needs planning!

Snippet of my Google Calendar!

Something Will Have To Take A Back Seat

And by something I don’t mean work or the master’s degree! Things like socialising and working out move down the importance scale. I’ve given up working out early mornings in favour of staying up late to do uni work.

I like to allow myself to use the weekends to socialise, so me going out of an evening after work is a no-go as I want to do uni work after work, instead of on the weekends. Although, I still do work on the weekends!

Be Prepared To Cry

You’ll be stressed, feel like there is so much to do and so little time, but it is worth it. So, just remember this as working full-time and studying part-time can be really hard and take a massive toll on mental health

Broadens Your Knowledge

Although most of my points are saying how hard it is, studying is a great way to broaden your knowledge. I’ve learnt a lot from doing my masters, which is what it is all about. As I work in marketing and my masters is in marketing, I am able to apply what I learn to my work life, meaning it helps both my studies and my job! 

You Don’t Miss The Full-Time Wage

I wouldn’t have wanted to go back to full-time study as I’d been working full-time for a few years and would miss my monthly income. I like to travel and shop, and by going back part-time wouldn’t allow me the freedom to do what I do best!

You’ll Meet Like-Minded People

I’ve met some great friends from doing my masters, including Charlie at The Millennial Runaway, who is a fellow travel blogger. We’ve both juggled working full-time, doing our masters part-time, blogging and travelling! If you’re doing a masters online, this may be different, but I’m sure you’ll still be in contact with others on your course. 

Bristol Business School

It’s very hard work, but I’m doing this to better my chances in the future when I eventually have to get a new job after I’m back from travelling full-time for a year! My mind is constantly working, which can have its ups and downs, but I wouldn’t change undertaking a masters while working full-time.

Hopefully, I’ve not put you off wanting to take the leap and doing a masters while working full-time, there are pros and cons, but I wouldn’t change taking that leap!


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