Travelling Bucket List 2019

I love adventures and travelling, if you hadn’t guessed from my blog name! The past two years I’ve been pretty quiet on the travelling front, which is something I aim to change next year. Although I am saving up to go on one big adventure, I can’t help but still jet off to explore new countries and even discover different parts of the UK on the weekends. I’m one of those people who can’t sit still for long and has to always have the next adventure planned. I’ve got a lot coming up in 2019, potentially I’m having some life changing surgery this year, which is going to cost an arm and a leg as well as uni on quite a few weekends, so although I aim to travel more, I might not do everything on my bucket list, but here’s to hoping! In no particular order, here is my travelling bucket list for 2019 and three reasons as to why I want to travel to each destination!


I’ve been to Spain countless times, however, have yet to explore one of the most visited countries in Europe, which is Barcelona. It’s been on my list for years to visit, but what with being a university student and having a lack of funds, I have yet to delve into the delights this city has to offer. I remember looking at Gaudi’s architecture back when I was studying art in secondary school and have admired the buildings and the culture Barcelona has to offer. I used to visit Spain on a yearly basis, to relax and sunbathe by the sea, I however now prefer to head to the city and explore rather than lie on a beach (although I still like lying on a beach and topping up my tan!).

Three reasons I want to visit:

  • The architecture
  • The tapas
  • The mixture of city and sea

Barcelona Views


I went to Paris for the first time in 2015 and literally fell in love with the city! We had three and a half days to explore, we headed to Disney for two of the days and felt like big kids. I never went when I was a child and I must say, it’s as magical as it’s made out. Visiting in February the weather was slightly chilly and cloudy, so this time we’re looking at going over in April over the Easter holidays, so we make use of the time off work. I’ve wanted to go visit Paris since I left three years ago, I’d like to spend more time exploring the city while also getting my Disney fix! Having admired Moulin Rogue for years, I’d really like to go and see the show and enjoy the incredible soundtrack!

Three reasons I want to visit:

  • Disneyland
  • The pastries
  • Moulin Rogue

Paris - Eiffel Tower


Ibiza has been on my bucket list since day dot, I love dance music and therefore Ibiza is a dance lovers dream! I want to visit the big clubs, see the best DJs whilst being covered head to toe in glitter and looking glam at Ocean Beach. It is expensive and it’s not to everyone’s taste, but I’ve been saying for years I want to visit Ibiza and I feel as though I need to go before I get too old to appreciate it. I wouldn’t go for a full week; four or five days would be perfect!

Three reasons I want to visit:

  • The music
  • The clubs
  • The fashion

Ibiza Sunset


Another one that’s been on my to-visit lists for a while, it’s got plenty to see and it’s been recommended by various friends and family. My aim for next year is to go on lots of mini trips and explore Europe, Amsterdam only requires a few days so is perfect for a long weekend trip. I want to cycle along the canal, head to the highest swing overlooking the city, visit the Anne Frank Museum and wonder down the Red Light District!

Three reasons I want to visit:

  • Discovering the sites on wheels
  • Anne Frank Museum
  • The coffee

Amsterdam Canal


We’ve got so many beautiful places right on our doorstep, I’ve wanted to visit Blackpool for a while but it needs to be done in the summer months (I don’t want to be freezing my ass off at the pier in winter!). I want to explore more the UK more as I said if you can’t jet off and explore a new country, why not explore your own? Unfortunately, I don’t have unlimited holiday and could easily take a trip to Blackpool on the weekends and not use any annual leave!

Three reasons I want to visit:

  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach
  • Blackpool Tower
  • Discovering some cute cafes

Blackpool tower at sunset


Take two! There was so much we didn’t get to do when we visited Liverpool last time, that before we even left, we’d already decided we were definitely going to come back! I already mentioned the things I wanted to do in my previous blog, but here’s the top three things I want to do.

  • Beatles Museum
  • Yard & Coop
  • The Cavern Club

Liverpool angel wings


London is only a mere few hours away from Devon and Bristol, I haven’t been as much as I’d like! I spent twelve hours in London recently and crammed a lot in, so thinking with more time I could do a lot more. There’s so many cute little cafes I’d like to visit, as well as just wondering round enjoying a few cocktails and doing a spot of sightseeing! I do aim to go to London more next year, I’ve only been properly once this year, other than for work meetings (which doesn’t count!). My friends and me have a group chat on Insta, where we send each other cute London cafes and we have a list as long as all our arms, so we best get checking them off!

My must stop cafes to visit

Peggy Porschen London

Here’s to hoping I can tick off at least half of this list, I just love exploring and discovering new places. There is nothing like visiting somewhere new and making tonnes of memories, I aim to see the whole world one day and be able to write about every single country! Have you visited any of these places before? Be sure to leave me some tips and must visits in the comments below!



  1. 22nd October 2018 / 11:57 am

    It’s so good to have a travel bucket list! I like all your cities. My favourites would have to be LDN, BCN and Paris! I lived in London for about 10 years and still feel like I missed out seeing a lot of things. I love all your photos they look so vibrant!

    Trace x |

  2. 13th December 2018 / 7:25 pm

    Love this post! I’ve always wanted to visit Barcelona and Amsterdam too! They look so beautiful and you’ve definitely made my wanderlust flare up again! ? Ibiza looks gorgeous but I’m not much of a club person! Can’t wait to read your posts once you’ve actually been to these places ? c

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